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That’s right – I’ve opened my own practice and from now on this blog will be hosted at:

Be sure to reset your blog readers and stay up to date.  Coming next – daily updates from the 4th Annual Marin Training Camp.

Autumn in California

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We do not take a trip; a trip takes us.

John Steinbeck

It has been just over a year since we moved to California and it has been interesting to watch the seasons pass.  Some say that California doesn’t have seasons, but it does – they’re just more subtle. 

The other day, Jeff and I took an afternoon to ride Mt Diablo, which has become something of a regular stop in my riding experiences while living here.  We’ve ridden it in each season and it always offers something a bit different.

In winter, the mountain can be very cold, if not at the bottom, then at the top which rises to over 1200 meters above sea level.  There is occasionally ice on the road in the shadows and the wind can be fierce.  In springtime, the grass is green, with hillsides full of blue, red and purple wildflowers, while in the summer it turns from a light brown to dark as the sun bakes the grasses and the days heat up.  All the while, the oak trees stay a beautiful dark green.  In the autumn, just after the first rains, the grass again begins to turn green.  The air goes from feeling heavy and dusty to feeling clean and washed and a pleasure to breathe.

This is how it felt last Tuesday when we rode once again from the South entrance to the summit.  Each season brings with it its own pleasures, even in California.

Here are some photos looking to the South:

Diablo South view Nov 17th 2

Diablo South view Nov 17th 1

Congratulations, Jenn!

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Jenn Reither’s awesome season just got better.  Partnered with her Vanderkitten teammate Anna Lang, Jenn brought home the gold in the first-ever women’s madison competition at the USA Cycling Elite Track Championships.  Here are the details:

and photos:

Nice work, champ!

Athlete Accomplishments – Update!

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Stuart Lynne earns a silver medal at Canadian Track Nationals.  Read his account here.

Athlete Accomplishments – August 2009

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It’s been a long 2009 season and a lot of you are taking your well-deserved unstructured time or complete rest.  Some are preparing for cyclocross while others are just rebuilding your endurance base and having fun.

I think it is a good time to take a moment and list some athlete accomplishments so far this season. You all have done some excellent hard work and it has really paid off. Check it out:

Brad Schrock: Brad has been working with a travel-heavy work schedule and despite this has racked up some solid placings in his local crit series.  In the Tour of KC, he came in 11th on day 1 and 13th on day 2 despite being held up by a crash in the finale!  Brad’s dedication and persistence despite his busy schedule always impress me.

Chris Peariso: Chris set his main goal this season as the Men’s Pro Solo division of the BC Bike Race.  Despite having no experience with the terrain or that style of racing, Chris managed a solid 7th place overall.  Excellent!

Ellen Kirtley: Ellen came into her final countdown to the Senior Games burnt out and stale.  She asked me to coach her starting only 2 months before the big event and I wasn’t sure we could really salvage her form.  After a lot of rest and some very specific training, Ellen managed 11th on day 1 road race.  In the Day 2 road race, she played the wind to her advantage and placed 4th!  After the road races, she set her sights on the 2 TTs – her specialty.  She didn’t disappoint – one 4th place and one bronze medal later she headed home with a successful Senior Games in the bag.

Heather Gundersen: This cyclocross superstar’s road season got off to a solid start with a 3rd place at Banana Belt, 11th overall at Cherry Blossom SR, and 4th at King’s Valley RR before scoring a win at the Table Rock RR.  Since the spring, she has remained consistent with a coupe of top-10 rides at Mt Tabor and a bronze medal at the OBRA TTT Champs.

Jane Adams: Jane has continued her winning ways this season with a whole slew of top places and wins in a variety of races all along the East Coast.  Her highlights include a 3rd at the Kenda Cup East and 2nd places at the Williams Lake Classic and a well-deserved win at Michaux.  Jane is gunning for a result in next year’s Dalby Forest World Cup race in her native UK.

Jennifer Reither: JennX has had an awesome season, beginning with an 11th place in the pro race at the Tour of California Women’s Criterium in the pouring rain.  Since then, she has been steady on with solid rides in South Carolina and Tulsa Tough.  In June,  a 10th at the Manhattan Beach GP preceded a 3rd at the San Pedro GP.  She recently went to Master’s Track National Championships where she earned a silver medal in the points race and a bronze in team pursuit.

Mark Miller: Mark has been racing both on the road and off, with great results.  He got his season off to a good start with 11th at Cherry Pie RR, followed by a slew of top 10 MTB results: 3rd at Horning’s Hustle, 5th at Bear Springs Trap XC, 7th at Spring Thaw XC, and 4th at both Pickett’s Charge and Return of the Jedi.  Nice work!

Mike Benno: Mike has had a solid road season, with top-15 placings in a variety of events.  Highlights include 12th at King’s Valley, 6th at the OBRA RR, 3rd at Mt Tabor, 2nd in the Vancouver Courthouse Crit, and two wins in the Mid-Summer Crit Series.  Mike has been resting well and is now 100% focused on cyclocross!

Shawn Tevendale: Shawn is a versatile MTB racer focused on endurance challenges.  Shawn has been dealing with on-bike nutrition issues this year, but his focus has paid off with 8th at the Cowbell Challenge Marathon and a 2nd place at the 18 Hours-Scouts Honor.

Steven Hunter: Steven’s season focus is cyclocross, but his road results are nothing to snicker at.  He has managed 15th, 14th, and 13th, respectively, at the Eugene Roubaix, Silverton RR, and Rehearsal RR.  He’s also managed some solid PIR results of his own while working for his teammates!

Stuart Lynne: Stuart is a stellar BC Master’s rider.  He’s a regular top-contender in his class and has reached another level this season.  His results include PBs on a variety of TT courses, both flat and uphill, including one at the Mt Seymour HC in the pouring rain.  He also earned a gold medal at the BC Master’s TT Champs and won at the Mt Washington and Cypress Hillclimbs along with the BCMCA Team TT, at which he arrived rock star-style via helicopter.

Susan Peithman: Susan’s season has been trying at times, but despite this she has managed some great results.  A 4th place at the Sublime Sublimity CR was followed by top-10 rides at Banana Belt, Piece of Cake RR, and the Cherry Blossom SR.  More recently, 6th and 7th places at the Swan Island and Vancouver Courthouse Criteriums have put her in good position for her build-up to cyclocross.

You’ve all worked hard for these results and they speak volumes about your dedication and persistence.  Here’s to more great success to come!

Visitors traveling by bike

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These guys stopped by to talk business for a couple of days and I had the privilege of showing them some of the local riding.  They are promoting their new adventure-sports website by riding their bikes down the West Coast and talking to outfitters along the way.  When they wanted to meet us here at LCA I was skeptical, but it turned out to be a great meeting.

Afterwards, we went for a spin.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see all we had planned, but I am sure they will be back!  Read more about our ride here:

How to pack for stage races – Part 2 in a series

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A few months ago, we learned how to pack your race bag for a one-day race.  Stage racing season is here, and I thought it might be useful to cover how to pack for stage racing as well.  Many of you will be heading to places like Baker City, OR for some great racing, and having an organized kit will make your life easier and help you to concentrate on what is most important – the race!

Just as with any race, putting together a checklist is essential.  For a  race of four stages or so, taking place in the summer time and where you will be staying at a hotel or host housing, it should look something like this:

road bike
time trial bike

spare wheels for road bike
time trial wheels (assuming you have normal wheels on the bike for warmup/training)
racing shoes (and spare pair if you have them)
4 pairs cycling socks
4 sets of cycling shorts
4 short sleeve jerseys
long sleeve jersey
4 base layers (light and heavy)
wind vest
wind jacket
clear rain jacket
2 pairs cycling gloves- long and short finger
2 pairs of knee warmers
2 pairs of arm warmers
1 set of legwarmers (for TT warmup)
time trial shoe covers
cycling cap
synthetic warm cap
lightweight booties
sunglasses and lenses – clear and dark
racing helmet
time trial helmet
4 water bottles (at least – usually more depending on race and post-race requirements)
plenty of your preferred race food, pre-sorted into packets for each day
chamois creme
warming oil for the legs (I prefer woodlock oil and maybe some almond oil if it is raining)
heart monitor/power meter chest strap
heart monitor/power meter head unit
compression socks (pressure pants!)
post-race recovery food and drink (also sorted into packets for each day)
4 liters of flat mineral water (drink one after each stage)
2 race towels
rollers or trainer for TT warmup
bike tools and chain lube
spare shoe cleats
floor pump
folding chair
a nice book to read while resting between stages

What you bring with you for before and after each stage is just as important as your equipment for the stage.  If the evenings are cool, for example, be sure to have a warm cap and jacket.  Having all your recovery food sorted out and waiting for you will speed your recovery and increase your ability to perform well the next day.

It’s also important to keep your stuff organized when you pack it, so you aren’t rummaging around in your recovery food for a fresh pair of socks.  If your bag is big enough and has compartments, separate your race clothes from your casual clothes and separate your food items from the rest.  Keep your soiled race clothes separate from everything by putting them in a plastic bag, or simply bring a separate bag with you for those.  A few small bags may work better for you than one big bag.

That should cover the basics.  I’m sure I will be reminded of some things I may have forgotten, and I will add those as I get them.  Thanks to H. Givens and Erik V. for assistance with this article.

Sausalito Fog

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This post is mostly about trying to assuage my guilt about not having posted anything in a while.  Stay tuned as there are articles in the works.  In the meantime, here is a photo I took from Belvedere on a ride today of the fog cresting the hills of the Headlands and descending on Sausalito:

Afternoon fog descends on Sausalito

Afternoon fog descends on Sausalito

Marin Camp 2009 – Photos Part 2

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Giving the pre-ride briefing

Giving the pre-ride briefing

Riding by the Bay on the way to Sprint Day

Riding by the Bay on the way to Sprint Day

Making use of Marin's bike path system

Making use of Marin's bike path system

Kevin climbs the Sisters above Stinson Beach

Kevin climbs the Sisters above Stinson Beach

The quiet, sun-dappled lanes of Marin County

The quiet, sun-dappled lanes of Marin County

Marin Camp 2009 – Photos Part 1

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Well, AT&T’s great quality of service put paid to my attempts to keep a daily journal of Marin Camp 2009, but in the end it’s the camp that counts and it was fantastic.  We finished up yesterday with a spectacular 150km loop that included Marshall, Tomales Bay, Point Reyes Station and Alpine Dam.  When it comes to amazing riding, you can’t really go wrong with Marin and yesterday was proof of that.

Here are some photos from camp:

Camp Begins!

Camp Begins!

Hunter talks technique on Sprint and Race Finish Scenario day

Hunter talks technique on Sprint and Race Finish Scenario day

Traditional photo from the top of Mt Tamalpais

Traditional photo from the top of Mt Tamalpais

New toys!

New toys!

Anthony's bike on Alpine Dam

Anthony's bike on Alpine Dam

Stacey showcases her tabletop leadership skills in Yoga class

Stacey showcases her tabletop leadership skills in Yoga class

Apparently, this fellow once broke both arms falling off this bike.  Ow.

Apparently, this fellow once broke both arms falling off this bike. Ow.

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